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Prettier than You

16. 12. 2022

(CD/LP) - 2022

Prettier than You
Fool´s Gold
Hot Mess
It´s All Over
In Limbo

Production: Adam Krofian
Mixer: Amak Golden
Mastering: Amak Golden
Recorded at: Golden Hive Studio
Album art: Mejla Kukulský




Prettier than You

25. 11. 2022

The girls - Anna Řehůřková, Kristýna Mlatečková,
Barbora Lohninská, Anna Zítová, Kateřina Dojčánova  
DOP, Editor - Hugo Trkal
Production - The Atavists



It´s All Over

29. 7. 2022

Dude - Albert Baxa
DOP, Editor - Michal Havlíček
DOP assist, BTS video - Adam Vašata
Plot - Adam Krofian
Production - The Atavists




29. 4. 2022

DOP, Editor - Matěj Černý
DOP assist - Vít Kratochvíle
Production - Barbora Úlehlová
Director - Josef Luňák
Ghost - Miloš Rozlivka, Marek Lukeš


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